Homework Problems

These homework problems are required. They must be done individually, without consulting the evening tutors or mentor. Also, do not consult external websites for help with solutions! In some cases, more information is linked from the assignment page, but do not search for any more help than what is provided. You are encouraged to use your textbook, course readings and labs, and class-slides while working on these problems.

If you need more help, please check with your instructor.

Item Due
Homework 1: Conditionals and Loops 9/23
Homework 2: Double Your Savings 10/16
Homework 3: Anagrams 11/20
Homework 4: Balanced Parentheses (Stacks) 12/9
Extra credit problems 12/18

Extra Credit Problems

Near the end of the term, a selection of problems will be listed here as extra-credit opportuntities. Like homework problems, these should be done individually, and the same rules about allowable homework assistance applies to these problems.

Extra credit problems will generally be more difficult than standard homework and usually have a variety of solution strategies that could be applied. Extra credit projects can only be applied to the "homework" category and cannot raise your percentage in that category above 120%. ALL EXTRA CREDIT is due by the beginning of the final on 12/18.