Project: Obstacle Avoidance

Project Description

You will write a program governing robot behavior so that it avoids obstacles. Since one obstacle might be boring, you will also make the robot do something novel when it has been repetitive and dance every so often because life is too short not to.

Working in pairs, you will develop a program that includes these elements:

Note: The robot's motion need not be continual; you can interleave short motions with sensing operations.

Together with the program, your test plan (aka "commentary") must describe what steps are needed to demonstrate the program is working correctly (this can be narrative, pseudocode, or a combination).

Project Notes


In addition to the general grading form and style guidelines, the project is worth 25 points.

You MUST include your program (the .c file) AND a separate document (as a text file) in both the printout and the email to the grader account.

The test file must include a description of how you intend to test your program, a statement that you DID follow your test plan, a statment that you DID see the robot acting as expected, and THEREFORE your program is functioning correctly. Failure to follow these instructions will cost points under the testing category.

Global variables are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and should not be needed in this project.

To create a transcript, see these instructions.

Points may be deducted for poor program format, readability, comments, etc.