Some Really Useful Tags

These constructions take more than one tag and are often used in creative ways to control regions of a page. Lists, for instance, can be turned into accessible navigation bars that adjust fairly well to different screen sizes without resorting to the use of frameworks (such as Bootstrap).

Tables are often abused as a way to control where sections of a page will appear. They should be used to display tabular data only, leaving positioning in the hands of CSS.

Lists - Ordered and Unordered

Lists by themselves are useful to display .... well ..... lists such as:

  1. Thing One
  2. Thing Two

Ordered lists are defined between the <ol> and </ol> tags; unordered lists are between <ul> and </ul> tags. And each item in the list appear between <li> and </li> tags. Lists can be nested, and their appearance can be changed through use of styles. This ability to change the appearance forms the basis of a useful navigation bar.


A table begins with the <table width="??%> tag (and ends with </table>). Each row is defined by <tr> ... </tr> sets. And within each row, the <td> and </td> tags define the individual cells. <th> ... </th> can be used to create column headings. Row headings can also be defined by using <th scope="row"> ...</th>.

Column 1 Column 2