Team Project

Individual Preparation

One of your first tasks in preparation for the team project is to do a little introspection, thinking about your current strengths, skills, and personality. I will also enourage you to think about what skills and strengths you want to develop as part of participating in this class and this project. For instance, if you are not a strong public speaker, you might want to use this class as a platform for practicing public speaking in a small setting (such as the small-group demos). So, as you work on your self-assessment, recognize where you are currently but also embrace a growth mindset and be willing to take (small) risks.

There are many different psychometric "tests" that attempt to categorize individual mental capacities and behavioral styles. Most of them probably would not pass muster with our Psychology Department, but they are endemic in industry and among working groups in academia. I probably have taken such tests every three years or so, as managers attempt to improve the functioning of their departments and teams. While the specifics of the tests are questionable, it can be a good starting point for considering what makes for effective teams and departments.

For this project, I am not going to ask you to take any of the tests, but I am going to ask you explore on that has been extremely popular in business settings: The Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes. There is a book and a test that one can buy, but I think you can probably narrow in on your own strengths just by reading over the descriptions on the PDF file available at the Gallup site. For further instructions, see the full assignment: Strengths, Skills, and Growth Areas Reflection. You will also be asked to indicate your strengths as part of the team assignment survey, since I am trying to create teams that have a variety of strengths and skills.

Community Partners, Projects, and Alumni Mentors

Community Partners


Alumni Mentors

We have 5 alumni/ae who support our software design and development efforts:

They will be joining us face to face in class on October 8th (except for Wesley who has a conflict). Hopefully, we can arrange for informal conversations and meetings while they are on campus!! During the rest of the term, they will be available via social media and other digital communication channels.

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