CSC 326

CSC 326 (Software Development Leadership) generally meets along with CSC 324 and follows a similar schedule. The primary difference is that students in CSC326 focus on the team-based project and are not responsible for the majority of the reading or homework assignments that cover software engineering, software development principles, and language skill acquisition.

For convenience, this term, most of the class meetings that directly apply to CSC 326 students should take place on Fridays. You should check with your project team, however, in case they plan to meet and work on Monday or Wednesday, since there should be time to work on projects during the second hour of class, once teams have been formed and assigned to a project.

Since this course includes an experiential learning component that takes place off-campus, F-1 Visa holders must secure Curricular Practical Training authorization through the Office of International Student Affairs before the projects start.


Since this course focuses on leadership in an software development environment, you are expected to read at least one book on the topic. These are some suggestions, but you are free to propose another. Check with your instructor to see if your selected reading is acceptable.

Possible books:

Team Project

As part of your development as a leader, you will participate on one of the programming teams. Generally, you will work on the same project you were assigned when you took CSC 324, but in some cases, this will not be possible (for instance, the project may have been completed.)

You will be expected to fill one of the major leadership roles in Agile software development: scrum master or product owner.


Your grade for this course will be based on: