Community Partner Logistics

Meetings with Your Community Partner

Meetings on campus can be held in JRC 209 Tuesday nights between 7 and 9 pm. This is co-working space. Remember that your community partners may not know what "JRC" stands for - spell it out for them and give them the address (1115 Eighth AveĀ ).

Transportation support is available for students in a community-based learning class, such as this one. Details are on the Service & Social Innovation's Funding page; scroll down to item #2. Susan Sanning's office can also help with transportation questions and logistics. If all else fails, I can also drive 4 people on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.

Help Available

Susan Sanning has drop in sessions Thursdays from noon to 4:30 if you need help in working with your community partner. She's in CLS.

Ask for help on the Slack Channel. Alumni mentors will be checking in as well as the instructor and course mentor.