There is one assignment that is unique to CSC326, which is your final paper. The completed paper is due the day of the final exam, but several milestone assignments are due during the term in order to make sure that you are making progress.

Important note: in order to apply the ideas of your reading to working with your team and shaping how they work together this term, you must read your chosen reading EARLY in the term.

Assignment Description: Final Paper

You will write a substantial paper on some aspect of leadership in software development, particularly in an Agile philosophy/methodology environment. This paper should summarize the main points of your chosen reading, explore how you applied/used the theories or information you read as a leader on your software development team, and report on your experiences were as a leader on your team .... reflecting on how well (or poorly) the theory fit with your practice and end results.

This paper is partially a sort of research paper that you might do in a humanities or social sciences class. But you must also reflect upon how you put the ideas into practice as well as what the results were and theorize WHY they manifested. You do NOT need to only report positive results!!! Leadership in software development can be challenging, especially since you are often coaching and cajoiling your peers in a non-hierarchical environment.

Note also that you do NOT need to read or express only positive views of Agile methodologies. Not all software developers find that Agile fits with their workflow, projects, or clients; and there are some valid critiques to be made.

The nit-picky details:

Milestones Along the Way

See the schedule for the due dates of each of these mini-assignments.

Selection of Topic and Reading(s)

See the list of possible readings to get you inspired. You may use any of these or find your own (if you choose one not on this list, please discuss it with your instructor first.)


A little after the mid-point of the term, you are asked to submit an outline for your paper. We both know that it will almost certainly change as you write, but getting down the major ideas and structure at this point can help you identify possible problems, get feedback from your instructor, and keep you moving along so that completion of this project is not done at the last minute.

Rough Draft(s)

In the same vein, you will hand in a rough draft of your paper around the same time you and your team head into Sprint 5. By this time, you have ample experience in working with the team and exploring how leadership works in software development so that you can review the key points found in your chosen reading, relate how you implemented them, and what your results have been.

At this point, your paper should be mostly done and ready for feedback from your instructor. Your rough draft will be scored based on the final paper rubric (with half points) so that you know what you need to do to improve.

Final Paper

Use the feedback on your rough draft and final wrap up of the team project in order to hand in a final copy of your term paper.