Since this course co-meets with CSC 324, please refer to that schedule for the day's topic, in-class exercises, and due dates for sprint demos and reports. Most of what you need to know to keep on track is listed there. Keep in mind that you are expected to attend at least 3 hours of class per week on a regular, pre-negotiated schedule.

However, there are a few dates that are specific to your course, especially for assignments that lead to your final paper. These are listed below:

Specific Dates for 326

Assignment Due Date
Team Assignment Survey (if necessary) 2/3
Team Charter (Copy of Team's submission) 2/14
Reading and Topic Proposal for Final paper Due 2/28
Report for Sprint 1 (Copy of Team Report) & Demo 1 2/28
Report for Sprint 2 (Copy of Team Report) & Demo 2 3/13
Report for Sprint 3 (Copy of Team Report) & Demo 3 4/10
Outline of Final Paper Due 4/10
Report for Sprint 4 (Copy of Team Report) & Demo 4 4/24
Rough Draft of Final Paper Due 5/1
Report for Sprint 5 (Copy of Team Report) & Technical demo 5/8
Final, public presentation TBD
Final Team Report (Copy of Team Report) TBD
Self and Peer Evaluations TBD
Final Paper Due TBD