Spring 2023 Classes

There are a few seats remaining for the 8:30 am course, and one slot has opened up for the afternoon class. Please use the Registrar's enrollment and waiting list system to add a class and/or waitlist request. I will not over-enroll classes for any reason.

Generally, all three sections will have the same schedule, readings, labs, and assignments:

How to Meet with Me

Office Hours

Because of the heavy classroom schedule this term, I will have limited time to meet outside of the scheduled office hours listed:


My research primarily is in the field of educational technology with a particular focus on the educational uses of computer games (commercial and serious), simulations, and virtual worlds and the cultural, social, and policy issues that this raises. I seek to improve education through playful, experiential learning using commercial, off-the-shelf games as well as serious games developed for educational purposes.

Yes, I research computer games. It's a rough life.

I also research ways to increase diversity in computer science through informal (afterschool and out of school) game modding and development opportunities.